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Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin Concentration Camp

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Terezin Concentration Camp

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This guided tour at Terezin (also known as Theresienstadt) outside Prague offers you a visit to the concentration camp run by the Nazis during World War II. Your expert guide will reveal the secrets of the Gestapo and tell you the stories of the terrifying events that took place here. 

Öne Çıkanlar

- Visit the concentration camp and memorial
- Experience a truly historic attraction
- Get access to the Museum of Ghetto
- Learn about the history of the fortress

Ne bekleyebilirim?

Once a proud military fortress the town Terezin became a place of sorrow during the terrifying years of the Second World War. Join a guided tour of the concentration camp memorial, and learn about the tragic fate of those who kept here. You might get goosebumps all over your neck on the tour - but that is quite a natural reaction to the true stories you're being told.

The former military fortress has had its share of turbulent times. The darkest took place during the Nazi occupation. Suddenly the fortress became the concentration camp where more than 150.000 people were held hostage. More than 35.000 Jews lost their lives in the ghetto of Terezin during the years of World War II. Unfortunately the tragic fate of these victims is much more cruel than what you'd ever begin to imagine. On the tour you learn about the victims' fate, the human cruelty, political and racial persecution that took place here during the war.

Led by an expert guide you will also see the Memorial of National Martyrdom, built for the war's victims, the Small Fortress, holding fearsome secrets of the Gestapo, and the Ghetto Museum, whose exhibits were set up with the help of survivors of Terezin Concentration Camp. It's scary that humans could ever take war this far, so make sure to be respectful while visiting this place.

Nasıl çalışır?

Shortly after your booking is complete your e-ticket will be sent directly to your email, just print it out and bring it with you. 

Where does the tour begin?
The tour starts at the Gray Line office. The address will be on your e-ticket. Please be there 10 minutes before the tour starts. 

Önemli bilgi

- This tour is by bus and foot, so we recommend proper footwear and clothing for all weather. 
- The tour will be guided in person in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian or German. 
- The guide will only be available at Terezin, not on the bus tour to and from Terezin. 
- Please remember to be respectful while visiting the concentration camp.

Bilet kategorileri

Adult (10+)
Child (0-9)
Infant (0-2): Free of charge

What’s not included?

- Food and beverages.
- Visit of the crematorium in Terezin is optional and is not included. Please note that the crematorium is closed on Saturdays.

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Pzt, 22 Tem 2024

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Live guide

Süre: 5 saat

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- Visit to the Memorial of National Martyrdom, the Small Fortress, and the Museum of Ghetto.
- A guide.


Terezin Concentration Camp

Gray Line/Bohemia Departure Booth Národní Trida 38 110 00 Prague


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020 3870 3444 020 3870 3444

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