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Helicopter tour – New York in 15 minutes

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Explore New York from above on this breathtaking helicopter tour. High up in the air you see all of the major sights and landmarks of The Big Apple. You can even bring your camera or phone and take pictures of the stunning view. It's truly a sightseeing tour like no other!

Öne Çıkanlar

- Explore New York from above
- See all of the major sights and landmarks
- Enjoy the flexibility - tickets are valid for one month
- Enjoy a 15-minute helicopter ride
- Try a sightseeing tour like no other
- Bring your camera or phone and take stunning pictures

Ne bekleyebilirim?

When you plan a vacation, you always think about what you wish to see. The same goes for New York City: The Statue of Liberty and Central Park, for example, are on many visitors' bucket lists. You can now experience all the major landmarks of New York City from the air. Like birds flying and being free, you see Manhattan from their perspective.

This 15-minute tour over the beautiful Manhattan takes you to all the best attractions in the city. From the helicopter you see New York City's most famous landmark, The Statue of Liberty, much more up-close than you might have thought possible! 

Next up is the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, Woolworth and the Met Life buildings. Then your tour continues on to Ellis Island along with New York harbor, the George Washington Bridge, and last, but not least, the world-renowned Central Park before heading back to the heliport. 

Nasıl çalışır?

When you book your helicopter ride, choose the date you arrive in New York. Your tickets are valid one month from the date you choose. 

Due to security reasons, it's important that you call Liberty Helicopters to arrange the exact time and date. Liberty Helicopter's phone number will be clearly marked on your e-ticket. 

How do I get my tickets?
Shortly after your booking is complete, you will receive an e-ticket by mail. Please print out your ticket and bring it with you. 

How many does the helicopter fit?
Each helicopter fits 6 people.  

Do I need to bring an ID?
Yes, all passengers must bring a valid photo ID, e.g. a passport. 

Önemli bilgi

- You will be charged a $40 service charge/heliport tax per person before takeoff directly to Liberty Helicopters.

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- A helicopter sightseeing tour over New York City.


Liberty Helicopters 6 E River Bikeway New York, NY 10004


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020 3870 3444 020 3870 3444

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